5 Best baby wipes for your baby | Expert Review

Mother sparsh wipes

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One of the best things in the world is caring for someone, and you would agree with me if I say that you care for your little one more than you actually do for yourself. That tender skin, that gentle touch and everything so soft and pretty makes your heart melt away. To maintain that gentle skin, extra care is needed and not every product can take care of your baby like you do. So, today here I am going to tell you a few important features of the Baby wipes available in the market.

There are a lot of baby wipes available in the market, so I would recommend you to choose baby wipes wisely for you little one. I have given all the features so you can decide easily now. So, let me directly take you to the review.

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

Mother sparsh wipes


  • Wipes are unscented: there is no artificial fragrance added to the wipes. They are truly natural and unscented
  • Medical Grade cloth: The wipes are made of medical grade cloth which is extra gentle on the baby’s skin
  • The wipes have presence of 99% pure water in it: These wipes do not use any kind of chemical products and are truly natural
  • Wipes are Bio-degradable: these are derived from plants and their pulp and hence are truly organic and do not cause any harm to the skin or to the environment
  • These wipes are dermatologically tested:These are clinically examined for infections and rashes, hence can be used on a newborns skin also
  • You can buy these from the direct link of First Cry. 
    For more information about Mother Sparsh products, you can visit their website- www.mothersparsh.com 


Dove Baby Wipes

Dove wipes


  • These wipes are great for moisturizing baby’s skin. They add an instant moisture touch to the skin
  • These are absolutely suitable for newborns. There is no irritant present hence it acts great for newborns skin
  • The wipes are used often when there is no bath for the baby. These are the best for cleaning hands, face and the whole body
  • These can be bought over the counter and online


Pampers Baby Wipes

Pampers baby wipes


  • Pampers is a very popular and trusted brand when it comes to baby wipes
  • It offers gentle cleaning for delicate skin and it is not harsh on baby’s skin at all
  • The wipes have a soft grip texture which cleans the skin and at the same time keeps the process non-hurting for the baby
  • These wipes can be used during diaper change. These are very gentle on the skin
  • The only thing to look into is the scent. It has a refreshing scent. It is the choice of the parents’ if they want the baby to be exposed to the scent or no

Huggies Baby wipes

Huggies baby wipes


  • Huggies Baby wipes contain natural fibers. 68% of each wipe is pulp, resulting in a clean and gentle skin.
  • These wipes are soap free, Paraben& MIT free
  • The wipes do not use alcohol or any other chemical product
  • The wipes are enriched with Enriched with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E – To help sooth & moisturize skin
  • Huggies wipes are also lightly fragranced, so it’s totally upto you, how you want to use it for your baby

Johnson’s Baby wipes

Johnson baby wipes


  • These wipes help protect against redness and rash on baby’s skin
  • These wipes instantly moisturize the skin. These are enriched with 3X weight of moisturizing lotion
  • 100% clinically proven mild and gentle
  • These are allergy tested and dermatologist tested to make sure the skin is protected
  • These wipes are very commonly available many stores and are available online

I hope now you have got an insight into the wipes. So, which one will you buy?





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