5 Bollywood movies that inspire us to travel!

Highway Travel

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Movies do leave an impact on us, be it the songs, the story, the locations or anything, movies inspire us to do so much. Traveling is one such thing which has been inspired by movies for so long and why should it not be, Bollywood movies present the best places to visit. Read the list of movies which have always been a travel inspiration.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Have you seen Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? Oh, yes you must have! The movie was super hit once it was released and it definitely left a mark on every viewer’s heart. As we all know, the movie shows the best of Spain, including Barcelona, Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar, Valencia, and Seville where the song Senorita is shot. After watching the movie, everyone wanted to make a travel plan with friends, where they can enjoy exactly the way Hritik, Abhay and Farhan did in the movie.

Whether the travel plans were made or not, yet the movie inspired us all to travel and explore new places. The movie also showcased two of the most amazing adventure sports- Under Water Diving and Sky Diving that became important parts of our bucket lists. So, unapologetically we all must agree that ZNMD truly inspired us all to travel and explore the World, especially Spain.

ZNMD Travel



Bollywood hit of 2014- Queen, starring Kangana Ranaut left us all mesmerizing seeing the beauty of Paris. The movie definitely gave women the goal of solo travelling, where they get to discover themselves. Many of us did not know much about Amsterdam, but after watching queen we definitely wanted to visit there once. Not only is the location, the food of different places also highlighted wonderfully in the film, I hope you all remember the scene where Rani orders pasta or the other one where she makes ‘Indian French Toast’.

This movie is a huge inspiration for women who want to travel the world on their own! The best part about the film is that it is really close to the actual travel scenes of a solo woman traveller, for instance, hostel stay was made popular by this film and it has received much appreciation after that.

queen travel

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge

DDLJ is undoubtedly one of the favourite films of India; it has been popular amongst the youth since its release in 1995. We all love it when Simran asks for permission from her father, for a Europe trip and he agrees with the very popular dialogue ‘Ja Simran ja, Jee le apni zindagi’. The Europe trip takes away her heart and surely took ours too, the beauty of wonderful Switzerland made us all go gaga for the place and the place became a dream destination for us.

Since then, many couples and friends want to take a trip to Europe at least once in their lifetime to enjoy it as did ‘Raj and Simran’. This movie is an inspiration to travel for all and would always be.

DDLJ Travel


Imtiaz Ali is known for capturing picturesque location while shooting his stories, and Highway is one of his masterpieces where he introduced us to rustic travel. The best part of the film is that it captured so many amazing aspects of travelling in India which we did not know. From Rann of Kutch to Gulmarg, every Indian location inspires us to visit the place as soon as we can.

Highway is a clear inspiration for travelling to discover you. Many of us would want to play the Pataka Guddi song when we head out to a trip in the hills. Alia Bhatt in the movie gave many of us travel goals to achieve and enjoy the life that exists outside our monotonous city schedules.

Highway Travel


Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

I remember, after the release of this movie, many of my friends started saying that they want a life like Kabir, he actually gave people life goals. Ranbir Kapoor going places and enjoying life while travelling, this was what we all wanted to do after seeing the movie. Popular songs like Ilahi and Kabeera were topping the charts then, and so was topping our desire to break free and travel the world.

This movie is a big-time inspiration for the youth to always be dynamic and to travel the world. So many of us started keeping a travel diary, after being inspired by the one Ranbir had in the film. The best part of the movie was that gives people goals of ‘earning while travelling’, people wanted to get a dream job that pays for their travel and many of them actually got one.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani Travel

If you too are a filmy keeda and would love to explore the destinations shown by these movies, do comment and and tell me.

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  1. i totally agree with the movies mentioned here.. of all these, highway touched my heart the most. She did not go to any exotic places but learnt the lessons of life!! loved it.

  2. love this post.. you are so right! EACH of these movies has been watched multiple times and have been a source of connect, joy and yes, some dreams too 🙂

  3. Definitely all of the movies mentioned here gives us major travelling goals. Can’t agrre more. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. I loved this post and yes ddlg and yeh jawani hai deewani truely inspires me to travel the world and gives me major travel goals everytime i watch it

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