9 must-haves for this winter season | Style up your winters


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Winters are here! And we are so excited about it!

It is definitely the best time to enjoy the sun, to travel, to indulge in food fiesta, to buy those fancy shoes, to bake your favourite cake and become as lazy as you want. But definitely, the most important is to have those essential outfits that can save you from the chill and can raise your style quotient as well.

If you too are a winter lover, here are the 10 basic wear to have this winter. If you are not a winter lover, then you must try having these, at least once-

A Trench Coat

Trench coats are winter favourites that enhance your look within no time. They are basically long coats made of thick fabric like leather or poppin, which have the capacity to save you from cold winds.

Styling- A trenchcoat can be easily styled with almost anything, a pair of jeans, jeggings, stockings, over a dress or any other way you want. It is one style quo that never goes out of style


Image Source- www.bloomingdales.com

Military Jacket

A military coloured jacket is something I personally love wearing. You can get it in military print and in simple military colour also (that’s olive green). The olive green colour is a hit for the winters, both men and women can carry it amazingly and the best part is that it gives a tough look, so you can always wear it while travelling.

Stylish- Military jackets can also be teamed up with anything, a smart pair of denim, cargo pants, boyfriend jeans, dress or anything that you like. You can even buy an oversized jacket and try experimenting with it.

Military Jacket

Image Source- www.revolve.com

Leather jacket

When we hear winters, the first outfit that strikes our minds is perhaps the leather jacket! I think that is a universal item which suits every individual, just the way people wear it can be different. Leather is known to protect you from the breeze and the insulations inside provide your body with the needed warmth. Just be careful while buying one, because many times people sell rexine in the name of leather, so be careful in identifying.

Styling- Leather jackets are hot favourites and we all have our own way of styling it. So, you can easily wear it the way you want to.

Leather Jacket

Image Source- www.shopbop.com


If you are wondering what a beret is, here is the answer. A beret is round flattish cap usually worn by security personnel but is a style statement too. Winters are the best time to wear the cap styling it with different kind of outfits, it also protects the head in chilling winters.

Styling- It can be styled in many ways with different hairdos, girls especially can pair it up with skirts or dresses. Personally feel it works the best with a check or dark coloured outfits.


Image Source- www.misguided.eu


Mufflers are a saviour in winters. When winds hit the neck directly, a muffler is here for you, it is one of those items which can instantly raise your style quotient along with protecting you from cold. Mufflers are easily available in the market in different material, design and style, and you can choose from the huge variety.

Styling- Mufflers can be tied in many ways by following different simple tutorials or by using your own creativity. It undoubtedly looks amazing with any outfit. It can be worn over the jacket or under the jacket also.


Image Source- www.fashionizm.com


Gloves are essential for winters, as they protect your hands from the chill, also the stuff keeps the hands warm. In colder areas where the temperature goes really down in winters, gloves are a requirement. This basic requirement can be turned into a style quo, you can get different types of gloves, simple plain or colourful, woollen or leather, full sleeved or shorter ones, all kinds of gloves can enhance your look.

Styling- Gloves have their own charm and can be styled as per the outfit. If you love to wear dresses in winters, then you can definitely wear velvet gloves. If you like to keep the look rough and tough, then you must opt for leather gloves.


Image Source- www.partycity.com

A Faux Fur Jacket

Faux fur jacket is a one of a kind style statement for winters; it is basically a jacket that has got fur made of synthetic material that looks like original fur. It is available in the market in different colours and styles; you can get one as per your preference. Also, it is considered wonderful for saving you from the chill.

Styling- Faux fur jacket looks amazing if styled properly, you can wear it with anything to give your outfit a glamorous look. To enhance the look, just carry a stylish bag with it, which may complete the look instantly.

Faux Fur Jacket

Image Source- www.jeanjail.com


Shrugs are highly in-trend nowadays; they have taken over the market and are being considered as a big style statement. They are available in different designs, lengths, fabric and patterns. Though shrugs are something that you can wear in summers as well, yet lately the winter ones are super popular among people.

Styling- A shrug can also be styled with different outfits, it is available for men and women both and it suits almost every body type. If you love layering up, then shrugs can become your favourite, you can also style two shrugs of different lengths together, one over the other.


Image Source- www.looksgood.in


When winters are here, we all fancy about boots. They have always been making a style statement along with fulfilling your need to deal with the cold. Available in different sizes, boots never go out of trend. They are still the winter favourites and I suggest you must possess one pair of both, knee-high boots as well as ankle length boots.

Styling- The best way to style boots is with a pair of denim or a dress. They are available in different colours, brown and back are the hot favourites and have remained so for almost always, as they suit any outfit easily and give you a chance to experiment with your outfit.


Image Source- www.costbuys.com

If you too are excited about winters and want to style up this season, then its a high-five from this side! Do leave a comment below if you want to know anything or add anything to this list.

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