9 things to keep in mind before booking a hotel

Book a hotel

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Heya guys! After travelling to a lot of places and visiting so many destinations, I would like to share with you nine points that you have to look before you book a hotel.

While travelling to different locations, you may visit a different kind of places which have a lot to offer you. You may enjoy the whole day pursuing adventure activities, visiting calm places or exploring unexplored destinations, but at the end of the day, everybody wants a comfortable place to come back to, a place which you can make a home for some time. So, for you, I have compiled a list of important points that you must keep in mind before booking a hotel.

1.       Find the correct location of the hotel  – If you are going to a new place and have decided to book the hotel through any online portal, make sure to find the exact location. You can do it through google maps or by calling the hotel directly. If you don’t know the exact location, there are chances that you may end up locating it for hours, which is absolutely not recommended during travel. You can easily use Googe maps for that…

travel aspect google map

2.       Do not book hotels at congested places – If you are travelling to a popular destination, then there must be so many hotels located in one particular area. Do not opt for hotels which are located in a congested location. There are chances that two hotels are operating in one building or hotels having rooms adjacent to each other, avoid that absolutely! Look for hotels that are located apart from each other and have rooms at least at home distance so that you can have own private space.

Haripur, Manali, Himachal

3.       Make sure the hotel provides cab service – This is very important for people who are travelling by public transport. Once you reach your hotel, it should be able to provide you with a cab with a driver who knows the destinations around. I usually do that, I reach the destination using buses, trains or flights and then arrange cab services with the hotel.

cab services in hotel

4.       Look for parking spaces – it is very important for people who take their own vehicle or rent vehicles from the destination. Hotels should have parking facility so you can park your vehicle carefree without being worried about security.

Book a hotel

5.       The hotel should definitely have a kitchen and room service – while travelling all of us get tired and many times just want to take rest. So it is highly recommended to look for a hotel that has kitchen and a room service facility. So, if you need anything, you get it freshly made and straight in your room without any problem.

breakfast in hotel

6.       Hunt hotels that give great views – wherever you are visiting, a great view of that place is highly important to keep that travelling spirit alive. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you would like to see out of your window would be a breathtaking scenery or amazing weather. Try selecting hotels that provide a wonderful view from your window. And you would love the view that I could see from my window.

View from hotel in Haripur, Manali

view from hotel

7.      Try to book the one with open spaces – When you get to a hotel it is important that it has a lot of open spaces like common a room or an open farm. In case the weather gets disturbed then you will have a lot of options to spend time in the hotel only.

apple farm in a hotel

open space in a hotel

8.       Check for prices – There are hotels which provide a different price for booking at a different platform or you may get discounts from different online portals. Do check for prices at three to four places, and then avail the best offer to book.

price for hotels

9.       Don’t hesitate to ask – you are booking the hotel, its absolutely your decision, so don’t hesitate to ask any question to the portal you are booking from, or directly from the hotel. You must inquire about wi-fi connectivity, a weather condition at that time, the number of staff the hotel has or how many tourists are staying in one hotel at a time or anything that you may like to ask.

So, guys, if you are planning a vacation then do keep these points in mind before making a hotel booking. If you want to add anything further to this list, do let me know by commenting below. Have a happy time booking.

6 Comments on “9 things to keep in mind before booking a hotel”

  1. that’s a good check list. I usually don’t check about cab service or check about congestion – which once i reach are a pain point! i will, as you rightly say, just ask! & then decide on booking.

  2. So my husband usually makes sure that he does a wide study of where the exact location of the hotel is and what are the views or nearest places to cover around the hotel just by walking. We usually try to book hotels in the less crowded area.

    This is a great list and I can vouch for it because we usually use these for our travels too.

  3. You hav e covered some great tips! I agree the location plays a key role in the place where we stay! I hate to stay in a desolate area! I love to step out and be a part of the life!

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