Chalal Trek- From Kasol to Chalal Village | A trek to relax your nerve

Chalal Trek pictures

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Welcome back here guys, this time I am going to tell you about Chalal Trek. If you all are following my journey you might be aware that I have completed the Kheerganga Trek recently, and if you have no idea about it, you can have a look at ‘Kheerganga Trek- Journey from Kasol to Kheerganga‘. The whole journey was not at all an easy one, the Kheerganga trek includes a lot of difficulties and it is not recommended for those who are suffering any illness or are not very strong at heart. Therefore, here I am telling you about Chalal Trek and all about it.

Chalal Trek


Chalal is a small village near Kasol which is situated in the middle of the mountains and lush green surroundings. The distance of the Chalal trek is just 1.5 km for one side, so the whole trek is about 3 km which you can cover in about 3-4 hours in a day.

Best place Chalal Trek

You can start your journey to reach Chahal from Kasol only. From the main market of Kasol, you have to start walking towards the Parvati River. A few metres from the Kasol Market only, you will see a bridge, a beautiful small bridge which crosses the Parvati River and makes way for you to reach Chalal. The view from the bridge is very scenic, you can sit there, have some good time, listen to the sound of the river and enjoy yourself.

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Chalal Trek Parvati River

On crossing the bridge, you have start walking towards your left hand side, parallel to the Parvati River. A simple 1.5 km walk beside the river will take you to Chalal village. You will love the feel of walking there and enjoying nature. In the initial distance of the trek, you will observe trees on one side and the Parvati River on the other side. Once you move ahead, you will find yourself all surrounded by large trees which can give you a sudden feel of being into the woods or even I can say you will get the feeling of ‘Moksha’.

Chalal Trek to Chalal Village

On moving even farther, you will start observing small houses and people living there and doing their daily chores. Once you start seeing houses all around you in the middle of a valley, then you understand it is Chalal.

Houses in Chalal Village

The pretty village is a very quiet place, where there is no market place or any chaotic environment, it is all about peace. The place does have a few cafes, you can visiti the cafes, have a good time there and also, you can choose to spend a night in Chalal. As it has a few options of hotels available.

Chalal Trek pictures

Hope you are going to enjoy a lot once you visit Chalal. Let me know about your journey to that beautiful place.


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