Do you know where is George Everest in Uttarakhand

Shaily at George Everest

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For me, travelling is exploring hidden places! It is all about heading out and finding those places which are beautiful, mesmerizing, aesthetic and peaceful at the same time. On all of my journeys, I try my best to find these. One such place that I visited recently is George Everest! Now, you all might be wondering where is George Everest, ofcouse, it is not easy to find out these hidden jewels when not so much has been said about these.

Shaily at George Everest

The destination popularly called as George Everest is located at a hill top where the house and laboratory ofΒ Colonel SirΒ George Everest was built. Sir George Everest was the Surveyor- General of India from 1830-1843, responsible for completing the Trigonometrical Survey of India. He built his house and laboratory at this hilltop in the year 1832, it is also called as the Park Estate. The place was abandoned after his demise but afterwards, made open to tourists.

George Everest description


where is George Everest scenic

George Everest is located in Khanij Nagar, Uttarakhand, which is approximately 6-7 kms from Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie. You can only reach this place with you own vehicle, no public transport goes upto this point. You can easily hire a cab for a day from Mussorie taxi stand and reach this place. Once you reach here, you will be delighted to see the view! When you stand at the corner of the hill staring at the horizon, you may feel the best in the World, it is so beautiful!

George Everest beautiful view

You can stand at the corner to enjoy this breathtaking view, enjoy the breeze and spend a great time of your own. There are few stalls which serve magi, pasta and few ready to eat items, you can have what you want sitting at the hill top. Also, for adventure lovers, there is a small trek called George Everest Trek, which you can climb to satisfy your desire for adventure. I would suggest you to visit at the time of sunset, so you can enjoy and even more delightful view and the breeze. You would love to feel the breeze as it remains windy almost all the time, because of the altitude the place is situated at.

sunset at George Everest

Maggie at George Everest

The way to reach George Everest is also wonderful; there are plain surfaces where shepherds live and they rare their cattle. I really wish Uttarakhand Government had taken care of the George Everest House also. It is in a very bad condition, all broken and destroyed. Situated in such a beautiful setting, this building gets only the petty of the visitors. The whole house is white painted and might have looked gorgeous in its time, but now it requires serious attention. Nevertheless, the place is heaven for travelers; you can sit back, enjoy, have food, take a trek, click beautiful pictures and do what you want to do.

Way to George Everest

George Everest hidden gem

For me, it was a great experience visiting this hidden gem. Hope you also include George Everest in your list the next time you plan to travel.



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  1. I truly had not heard of George Everest.such hidden gem located in Uttarakhand. It’s really sad when tourism departments don’t take care of structures. I wish they maintain cultural or heritage spots better because India is truly incredible

  2. Your photos are absolutely breathtaking. I didn’t know about this place so I am definitely going to visit soon. Thanks for sharing x


  3. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I have added this to my travel wishlist and will try to visit next time I come to India.

    IG: @ms_tantrum

  4. I love you curl ends and hair color πŸ™‚
    I wish to visit Uttarakhand once in my lifetime! This place is added to my list! I am glad you have mentioned all points well, I hope Government looks into the maintenance soon.

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