Easy ways to take care of your hair in winters

winter hair care

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Heya guys! Are you worried about your hair becoming dry and lifeless in winters? Don’t worry, it is a very common phenomenon that happens with everyone, hair usually becomes dry in winters and many problems follow that. Many of us keep complaining about hair fall and dandruff in winters which take a toll on hair and we are left clueless about the problem.

winter hair care

It is okay, you can stop worrying now, as I am going to tell you a few tried and tested methods to take good care of your hair. As you all know I am a traveler and keep traveling especially to colder regions, so it becomes very important for me to take care of my hair. So, I am going to tell you super easy tips to maintain good health of your hair if you are at home doing your daily chores, or even if you are traveling.  Let us have a look at thing I do, if you have some more ideas to maintain good hair in winters you can comment below, and here goes my list-

  1. Always cover your- whenever you are moving out in the cold breeze and you know the temperature of the outside is lower than what you are feeling inside, cover your hair first. Don’t expose your hair to direct cold air, it may take away all the moisture that was locked in your hair and you may end up with very dry hair.Cover hair
  2. Moisturize your hair- I know many people do not prefer moisturizing through oiling, especially in winters because of the mess it creates but trust me it is one of the best options to moisturize your hair and bring the list moisture back. What is important in this case is the hair oil you are using. I made this experimental oil by myself and I am using it from a long time now, I mix olive oil and coconut oil in 1:1 ratio, heat the mixture a little and then apply it to leave it overnight. In extreme winters, I increase the quantity of olive oil and reduce coconut oil. This has proven best for me in winters, you can also apply it just for one hour and then wash it, you will be able to see the results on your own.
  3. Wash your hair regularly- not washing hair regularly in winters is the biggest mistake we do. Thinking that it is winters and there is no need for a wash is absolutely wrong, you cannot leave your hair unwashed for a long time. It accumulates scalp oil and increases dandruff, also it can increase hair fall, so not washing is a big no-no! Everybody has a schedule of wash that your hair demand, it can be anywhere between 2-5 days, follow it as you do in summers and just don’t leave them unwashed for a really long time.good hair
  4. Avoid using a blow dryer- I know, in winters using a blow dryer after hair wash is a necessity, but try not to use it every day. A blow dryer dries hair quickly but it leaves hair damaged if you do it regularly. Try to dry your hair with a towel first and then expose them to sunlight for a few minutes, this can be the alternative to a blow dryer. If you absolutely cannot avoid using a blow dryer, then after washing your hair, dry it with a towel for something and then blow dry, don’t do it immediately after coming out of the shower.blow dryer
  5. Prevent Dandruff- and here comes the big question, how? Yes, we all suffer the same problem of dandruff in winters and it becomes very difficult to tackle. What I do is very easy, I apply ghee in my hair, sound a little crappy? It might, but yes, this is what I do. To prevent dandruff I mix pure (desi) ghee with coconut oil, again in 1:1 ratio and then I leave it in my hair overnight, this reduces dandruff and actually reduces hair fall also. You can take ghee a little more as it is very good for the scalp, and apply it as you want.one spoon ghee
  6. Regularly get a haircut- and this is one very important point to maintain good health of your hair. Cut your hair regularly, if you don’t want to cut the length like I do, then go for a split end session. You will get rid of dead hair and surely spit ends, so say bye bye to tangled hair with a regular haircut.hair care in winters

These were simple tips and tricks which I use for maintaining my hair and you can try these too. If you know anything else, you can tell me in the comment section below. Have a happy winter.

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  1. I agree to all the points! Especially that we should wash hair regularly! I lose a lot of hair if I don’t wash regularly

  2. I’ve never tried ghee with hair for dandruff. Would try this for sure. Thanks for sharing so valuable hair care tips.

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