Kheerganga Trek- Journey from Kasol to Kheerganga camping site

Kheerganga Trek in Himachal

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Do you like trekking? Have you been on any trek? Let me know how was the feeling….this time I went on Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley and it was an experience of a lifetime for me. So, here I am sharing all about Kheerganga Trek.

Kheerganga Trek in Himachal

Kheerganga Trek starts from Barshaini, which is the base of the trek. You can choose to stay at Kasol and then reach Barshaini via Cab or Himachal Tourism Bus or on foot. The whole trek from Barshaini to Kheerganga is about 14 kms via Rudranaag. It is the most appropriate way to take the trek as you will not feel mislead or lost. Barshaini is the place where Parvati River flows in its wild settings and you have to cross it via a bridge. No cab or vehicles goes after Barshaini, you have to start the journey on foot from there only.

Barshaini in Kheerganga Trek

I started Kheerganga Trek at around 1 p.m. from Barshaini, luckily it was a sunny day and the weather was not bad at all, though it did become a bit difficult because of the direct sun yet it was not harming. Once I started trekking, I first went near the Parvati River to take a sip of the fresh water from the river and then I continued. When you start the trek, it seems quite easy to walk because the mountain terrain is not very steep for climbing, when you continue the trek becomes difficult. I started my journey with my bag on my shoulder and a bottle of water in my hand. And I recommend you take a few items with you whenever you are going on any trek, which I would be listing down in my next blog.

Fresh water of Parvati river in Kheerganga Trek

parvati River at Kheerganga Trek

The Kheerganga trek takes you to Kheerganga via Rudranag, Rudranag is a waterfall which hold spiritual value for the locals. The waterfall falls and it appears as if it is forming the shape of a snake, the locals associate it with the naag (snake) of lord shiva and hence it is named Rudranag. The place is very serene, you can go inside the water, enjoy the water, relax for sometime, but only barefoot, shoes not allowed!

Rudranaag waterfall in Kheerganga Trek

Rudranaag waterfall in Kheerganga trek

After I crossed Rudranag, the landscape changed, from open mountains to dense forest! After the Rudranag waterfall starts forested area, where you actually have to climb the mountains, being surrounded by dense forests. The forest area made it feel cold which was till now feeling hot during the day time because it is so dense that direct sunlight cannot reach the land in abundance. While walking in the forest area, I was amazed to see the magnificence of the tall trees.Β  There are natural water sources present inside the forest area and the land feels wet almost all the time. This probably is the toughest terrain to walk in the entire trek; you have to climb steep areas, have to keep walking for a long time and be careful of your own steps. You may start panting after sometime but don’t worry a bit of a relaxation can help.

Rugranaag waterfall image

After climbing for approximately 13 to 14 kms you reach Kheerganga and trust me its worth it! The view on top is breathtaking; you may feel the best being at the top.

Kheerganga Trek

There are so many options of camps present there, you can hire any of those or pre-book your camp. The camps will provide you food, and stay area which is enough to spend a night or two. The major attraction of Kheerganga is the hot water bath which is present at the hill top. There are two different baths for girls and boys each. It was out of the world feeling for me to enjoy the bath at Kheerganga. It was around 2 degree Celsius yet I was inside the hot water bath not feeling cold at all. Trust me, it struck me and I still recall that feeling.

Shaily in Kheerganga

Kheerganga is a place where you will feel the most calm and content. The slow life will leave you mesmerizes. And yes, point to note is that there is no electricity, the camp owners use generators only till 9 or 9:30 p.m, after that you are all under the stars and the sky.

camps in Kheerganga

camping at kheerganga

For me the experience of walking up in Kheerganga was even more beautiful, it was cold but sun made it all very comfortable. So, I started walking down the next day of my climb and reached back to Barshaini in approximately 3 hours which was around 6 hours to climb the whole trek.

Kheerganga trek best blog

Hope you liked reading my experience about visiting Kheerganga, do let me know if you have any question regarding the trek, the weather or booking a camp. I am here to answer, comment below-

Sunrise at Kheerganga

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  1. I mesmerized by your clicks, what a beautiful place with cool water fall. Must visit for nature lovers

  2. What a beautiful journey. I love the photos and the place looks worth visiting next time when I’m in India. Bookmarking this post for future reference.

  3. You know I have never done camping thus far. And now with kids, it seems like a long shot. I am honestly not brave enough. Do you know any child-friendly camp organisers? I would like to atleast try it once. Loved your pictures from the trek and the place is surreal. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Awesome article. You have described your trek experience very well. This for sure inspires me to take a trek sometime soon and capture great pics like the way you have πŸ™‚

  5. i am sure u had amazing experience.. i love camping as well. i would love to explore such awesome places.. keep sharing more posts dear..

  6. Never been to this place but really tempted after looking your pics !!! Sure add in my checklist

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