Looking for a superb dining experience in Delhi, plan a visit to Sevilla- The Claridges!

Sevilla- The Claridges

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If you are looking for an amazing place for fine dining or if you want to surprise your closed ones by taking them to an awesome place, your search might now come to an end, because I am going to tell you about Sevilla- The Claridges!

Sevilla-The claridges

Located in central Delhi, Hotel Claridges is one of the most reputed hotels in Delhi, within its premises is situated Sevilla, which I must say is one of the best places for dining in Delhi. Trust my words, it is actually one of the best places in Delhi.

Let me start with the décor, the décor of the place is the biggest attraction. They have indoor glasshouses but the best option is to sit outdoors. The whole outdoor area is well lit and the candlelight adds up to the beauty of the place, there is a small stream that flows in the middle of the whole premises, which enhances the beauty of the place manifolds. The seating is created in such a manner that you get your own personal space to spend a good time with least disturbance. You will definitely enjoy the soft music played in the background which is absolutely responsible for lifting up the mood.

Sevilla- The Claridges decor

Sevilla- The claridges








The next best thing is their hospitality! You will find the staff very well dressed up and greeting you nicely. They are always there to help you out with anything. When I visited the place, I initially got a table indoor but later, after asking, the staff arranged for outdoor sitting which was the best place of the whole premises. So, yes, they will also look after your request, if you make any.

Sevilla- The Claridges

Coming to food now, you can have a little difficulty in understanding the menu, but not to worry the staff is always there to help you out. The food is delicious, as they serve Italian and Spanish, they have done justice to the taste, I personally loved the pizza, and the size of the pizza was enough to satisfy the hunger of two! The place is also well known for its choice of liquor, red wine undoubtedly stole the show, it was tasty, the way they served was amazing and the quality was surely classified. For dessert, I ordered a Spanish dish, I don’t remember the name of the dish, but it was a nice one and the way they served it was really appreciable.

Sevilla foodSevilla food







Sevilla gives you so many options to enjoy your day, you can celebrate any kind of party, take someone on a date, can go to celebrate special occasions and much more, whatever you want to go for, I would suggest you make reservations in advance because if you don’t do that, you might end up not having a table of your choice because it remains occupied, especially on the weekends. Another catch for the place is that it opens at 7:00 PM, so it is always going to be a dinner party at that place, thus make your plans accordingly.

Sevilla- The Claridges

Sevilla definitely stands out of crowd and is a must-visit place, if you want to have a day, unlike other days. I would recommend the place for everybody, just visit there and have a great day! Do let me know your experience.

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  1. Love reading your experience at Hotel Cladridges Sevilla. I must say the ambiance is so ravishing, cosy and comfortable. to treat yourself special this is the best place to go for

  2. I totally enjoyed reading about Hotel Cladridges Sevilla.A resturant with plants and a stream is just how I like it.

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