Have you tried the Mother Sparsh Premium Water Wipes for your baby?

Mother Sparsh Wipes

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It is always said that the best things come in small packages and it is indeed true. When I opened the packet of Mother Sparsh Premium Water Wipes, I realized this small packet has got everything right with it. So, let me tell you my take on this new discovery which I am loving….

Mother Sparsh Wipes

To protect a baby from the outside harsh environment it is highly recommended to use trusted and tested products, I am saying trusted because having trust in a brand is the major requirement which definitely develops after using the product and liking it every single time of use. Mother Sparsh is a brand which I absolutely trust!

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For a baby’s skin, harsh weather may act as a deterrent. Their skin is very sensitive and needs complete hydration. The skin usually keeps losing hydration because of the weather conditions. To keep the skin hydrated and maintain moisture in the skin, Mother Sparsh Wipes work the best, let’s see why.

Mother Sparsh Uncented Wipes

The wipes are water based and these wipes do not use any kind of chemical products which ensures that your baby’s skin is going to experience that gentle touch that you always desire.

They are unscented which means there is no chance of reacting with the skin of the baby or causing any kind of inflammation. So, your baby is in absolutely safe hands if you are using these wipes.

These are great because the wipes are made of medical grade cloth which is very thick so there is no chance of tearing or scratching the baby’s skin in any way.

The wipes are made of 99% water which makes it sure that if your baby has very sensitive skin then also you need not to worry, these wipes can take care of that with pure 99% water content.

Mother Sparsh Wipes are Bio-degradable, these are derived from plants and their pulp which ensures that the contact of these wipes with the baby’s skin is always going to be a gentle experience.


The wipes are thicker than the ordinary wipes available in market. Because of the thick composition it is sure that they don’t get torn and they don’t do any harm to the skin of the baby.

These wipes are dermatologically tested and clinically examined for infections and rashes. The skin-friendly wipes are safe for use on babies from birth itself.

Best baby wipes

Since, I am truly loving these wipes, I recommend you to get these for your baby. There are endless reasons I can give to try these out. So, out of my experience here are some pro tips for using these wipes-

  1. With the highly organic qualities these wipes can be used on Baby’s whole body, even the face and very sensitive areas like armpits and around the navel can be cleaned with the wipes. So, stop worrying about your baby’s hygiene and get going with Mother Sparsh wipes
  2. These wipes solve your problem of storage and packaging also. The wipes come with moisture-lock plastic lid to lock the moisture inside the pack. Just use it from the lid and the moisture will never be lost, you will find each wipe very fresh, clean and moisturized
  3. Because these wipes are very thick and made of no chemical substances, you can use these wipes to clean your baby’s face after every meal instead of washing every time. These will clean your baby’s face without damaging or any harm to the skin
  4. You can reuse the wipe too! After using it for the baby’s face or skin, you can wash it and use it for cleaning baby’s hands and feet. The material is medical grade cloth so it won’t harm the skin
  5. You cannot stop your baby from playing with anything so, these wipes are a solution to that also
  6. Wipes are clinically tested so if by any chance your baby plays with them, there is no chance or any kind of infectioBeing 99% water based, these wipes are solving the problem of dirty hands also. Mommies need not to wash their hands all the time when they are playing. Just use the wipes
  7. The best thing about these wipes is that they are very affordable. You can buy a pack of 72 wipes at a cost of 299 only. These are also available on Amazon, Flipkart and Firstcry so you need not to worry about going to th market and finding the product

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These wipes really work best for baby’s skin, of course because they have been made with such precision and they have gone through the quality check before reaching us. And now, I would suggest you must go and try these wipes on your own. Let me know your experience of using the Mother Sparsh Water Wipes.


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