My experience of visiting Mumbai in Rains

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If you have seen my instagram feed you might be knowing that recently I was in Mumbai. The city as always is a very busy place to be at, people attending their offices, children going to school…everything was as cliche as it could be, so, why am I even writing this here?

Yes, so the answer to this is that I visited Mumbai in rains! The time when people tend to run away from Mumbai because they get so agitated because of the continuous rains and the condition of the city, but during that time only, I landed in Mumbai. From the day I entered Mumbai till the day I left, it rained! And trust me, I feel so fortunate that I could witness Mumbai in rains.

The city, of course, was going through its bad time, there was water logging at many places and floods in some parts of the city, but I was absolutely amazed to see the spirit of the people. Once very prominent instance that I witnessed in my initial hours in Mumbai was when I was walking on the road, it suddenly started showering and I ran to get shelter, but the Mumbaiya people were not at all affected by this. Everyone had their Chhata (Umbrella) handy with them, they just opened it and bingo! Not even a single person reacted, as if nothing has happened. Yes of course, how can I forget rain is part of life, every year is like this. I was actually surprised and happy to see that.

I loved Mumbai like this <3

The city appeared extremely beautiful during rains, I sat in front of the sea for hours gazing the waves at different beaches in the city. I walked on the roads near CST Station to observe the people travelling. I took the very usal Kaali-peeli rides (taxi), boarded the local, the one which was functional during that time to see how the city is doing, and guess what, I found everything great, everything was just too good. People of the city know how it happens and how they have to deal with it. It is not about the authorities or the management, the city is beautiful because the people are in harmony with the weather conditions and they have accepted it and they have adapted themselves as per this. This is what I loved about Mumbai.

I could not take a lot of pictures of the city because it was raining almost all the time but I did manage to take a few. And yes, how can I forget to mention, one day it was not raining that heavily so I tried exploring most of the city.

Mumbai, I loved you and would love to see you again during monsoons because that is your decoration, it just needs a little alteration.

Hope to see you soon Mumbai <3

15 Comments on “My experience of visiting Mumbai in Rains”

  1. Rain in Mumbai is the most awaiting feeling. It starts late but satisfies everyone with sweet smell. Being a Mumbaikar I am proud that I live here and always feel homesick everytime I go outside Mumbai.

  2. Nothing can compare to the vibe and madness of Mumbai. It has so many colors and vibrant people. In the rains its just beautiful and windy. Who doesn’t love Aamchi Mumbai!

  3. Mumbai in the rain… I always thought that it would be a bit of a nightmare… So its a wonderful thing to read about your experience and the pretty pictures.

  4. I have been to Mumbai only twice and really loved it. We went for a short trip and it didn’t rain during our stay.

  5. Oh my I love Mumbai rains. Everything looks so beautiful when it rains in Mumbai. Looks like you had good time there.

  6. Heard a lot about Mumbai rains. Looks like you have a great experience on your visit. And it’s appreciate the way locals manage.

  7. Every city has a different aspect that comes to the fore in each season. Mumbai is dariyadil and that’s what you see in its people and their attitude.

  8. I have experienced Mumbai rains for 5 long years..but that’s what makes Mumbai an amazing place…I love Γ¨very bit of it and wiah to be back to Mumbai soon

  9. I agree with you Mumbai looks amazing during mansoon, I had been there once and had a great experience like you. lovely photos and I would too love to get a chance again to visit this beautiful city during mansoon.

  10. I am so glad to have stumbled upon this post. I am a proud Mumbaikar and I am so glad that you love the city rains. Yes, it is extremely beautiful during monsoon, my city is.

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