My experience of visiting One Up café in Civil Lines, Delhi

One Up Cafe Civil lines

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Hello all of you, this time I am reviewing the restaurant- One Up Café, for all of you. Every now and then you might want to visit a new place for trying out the different variety of food and beverages, so this time you can try One Up Café in Civil Lines.  Here I am going to talk about the ambiance, the staff and of course the food.

If you are thinking where this place is, don’t worry its very reachable. One Up Café is located in Civil Lines area nearby Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT), Delhi, you can easily take yellow line of the Delhi Metro and get down at the civil lines metro station. Just as you move out of the metro station, you will find One Up Café in front of you, if you still can’t find it, it is just next to the civil line market.

So, here we go talking about the place…

Ambiance: Whenever I visit a place I always notice the ambiance and décor and I cannot help myself with this. So, One Up café has got a very comfortable aura, there are different types of sitting options available,  you can choose to sit outside where they have kept some plants and a couch to give that place a very close-to-nature kind of a feel and it definitely looks nice. You can also choose to sit inside the restaurant where there is comfortable sitting available. Another option is you can choose the glasshouse sitting, where you have couches and a closed environment; I personally loved this one as it gave a very private space to me.

One Up Cafe Civil lines

Staff: The staff of the place is actually very nice. I basically went there to celebrate my friend’s birthday, though I took the cake with me yetI forgot to take balloons, the staff was so active that when I told them that I forgot balloons, one of the staff members went to the nearby market and got it for me. They helped a lot in setting up the table and cake. They also served everything with enthusiasm and heated pizza twice on my request, so here is a thumbs-up to the staff!

Food: Food definitely is very good, I loved the pizza, it was thin crust yet very soft base and cheesy! I liked the pasta also, they have kept the Italian flavor pretty much intact, which many restaurants miss nowadays! You can try out different kind of beverages here, as they have good options available. So, overall the food was good and yes, they have a bar menu also! The place also gives an option to have hookah, but you can take them only while sitting in the glasshouses and I liked this management of theirs as it won’t disturb the other guests.

One Up Cafe Civil Lines

So, overall the One Up Cafe is a very good place and trust me it’s very affordable for a lunch or brunch or anything that you want. I have been to this place earlier also, and every time I go there, I return having a good time. Therefore, based on my experience I would suggest you visit the place at least one.

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