Naggar Castle- a marvel hidden in the mountains

Naggar Castle courtyard

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Hey guys! Welcome back here… today I am going to talk to you about ‘Naggar Castle’. If you are following my blog you may know that I was travelling to Naggar lately and it is a beautiful place. Though Naggar is beautiful in every corner, the place that left me in awe is the Naggar Castle. So, today I am going share with you my experience of visiting that enchanting castle situated in the hills.

Naggar Castle board

Naggar castle was built by Raja Sidh Singh nearly 500 years ago and the architecture of the place profoundly highlights its ancient glory. The castle is made of stone and wood and the design is remarkable, it is created on the lines of British architecture and seems inspired by the mountains. If you are a lover of history and heritage, Naggar castle may take to back in that era, the fitting staircase, the fireplaces and the open spaces all will leave a mark on you. While I was roaming around in the castle, I was deeply engrossed in noticing everything about it.

Naggar Castle- Balcony

It does not have a magnificent entrance but while entering you may realize the beauty of the place. Once you enter, you will see a board of the Naggar Castle and a little detail about it. On moving ahead you will observe small temples built with stone inside the castle and they give a very royal feel. After these small temples, you have to cross a hall and then you will enter the most spectacular place in the castle- the courtyard.

Nagar Castle entrance

Naggar Castle, Himachal Pradesh

Trust me, that courtyard is a unique feature of Naggar Castle that makes it different from all other forts and castles. The courtyard gives you a direct view of the mountains, it looks as if the mountains are standing right in front of you. For me, it was an amazing experience being present at that place which has a completely different aura with so much to explore and embrace.

Naggar Castle courtyard

Naggar Castle view

When you move upstairs from the courtyard, you will observe small rooms, where the kings and queens might have lived. As the Naggar Castle is now under Himachal Pradesh Tourism, the rooms are re-furnished and can be booked for stays. I wonder how lovely it would be waking up to that sight of mountains! The whole view from the balcony in front of the rooms is breathtaking.  I was there on a cloudy day, so I have witnessed the place in the best of its beauty. I hope when you visit, it will be the same.

Naggar Castle rooms

Coming to the food now, Naggar Castle has a restaurant situated upstairs from the courtyard. And it has balcony sitting, which is beauty in itself. While I sat down there to have my food, I felt royal myself. It was like having my meal at an exotic place and being served all the royal cuisines in the middle of the mountains, I don’t think I can express it in words. The food there is delicious; you can get the traditional Himalayan cuisine or try out a few different kind of dishes. The specialty of the place is trout fish which they prepare with traditional cooking methods. Overall, it is worth spending sometime at the restaurant.

Naggar Castle Cafe view

Naggar castle restaurant

There is also a basement area in the castle, where a museum is created to showcase age old paintings and traditional equipments. All history lovers would love seeing that. Overall, Naggar Castle in itself is a must-visit destination which can satisfy every traveler’s greed for finding out a unique and beautiful place.

Naggar Castle flying high

I had a superb time enjoying Naggar Castle and hope you also do the same very soon. Let me know when you are planning to visit Naggar Castle.

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  1. I have not heard of Naggarr before and I am super impressed at the architecture of Naggarr castle. I have to visit Himachal pradesh again

  2. I belong to Himachal and your post makes me want to run to my native place now. I love naggar and the entire Kullu Manali and Mandi belt is beautiful

  3. Have been there and cannot agree more that no one can describe in words about the feeling that one can get after having a delicious lunch at such an exotic place.

  4. Wowww, so so beautiful. I never knew there is a place called Naagar one HP. So I am planning a girls trip with my friends and I will get in touch with you for this definitely. Nagaar castle is the place to stay, it’s just so mesmerising.

  5. This looks like a must visit place for me. Amazing article and wonderful pictures. Every pic seems to call me to visit. Himachal seems to have some wonderful destinations to visit yaar 🙂

  6. I have never been to this place but seeing your beautiful photos and reading this post, I really Want to go to hills for a vacay.


  7. Wowww this is breathtakingly beautiful!! I live all the photos and really want to visit the place.

    IG : @ms_tantrum

  8. You know, if I hadn’t come across the Instagram post about this Castle I would have understood that Naggar is some place outside India. But look at the beauty India has to offer!

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