Places in Shimla You Should Not Miss Visiting

Places to Visit in Shimla

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Very recently, I visited Shimla, popularly known as the queen of hills. It is a very popular hill station in the North of India and is extremely beautiful too. I have been to this place 4 times and this was the fifth time I visited Shimla. As I write about this place I think of the questions a lot of you can be having. Is the place worth visiting? Which is the best season to be there? Which are the best places to visit in Shimla? The questions could be many.  So, without much ado let me tell you all about this place.

You can even wath my video to see All the Amazing places in Shimla and around.

Places to Visit in Shimla

If you want to know about Shimla, one of the most important things to know is that it has been a popular destination for years now and a lot of people have visited this place. So, for the places to visit in Shimla it is always your call to take the chance of moving a little out of Shimla or stay around Shimla. Here goes my list of best places to visit in Shimla, or maybe a little around Shimla.

Mall Road

Shimla Mall Road

When you talk about Shimla the first picture that perhaps pops up in your head is the picture of Mall Road of Shimla. It is a beautiful place with a view of the mountains. You can not just visit Mall Road but also book your hotel around Mall Road to wake up to fantastic views and the true Shimla vibe.


Kufri in Shimla

If you are visiting Shimla in winters then Kufri is one of the best places to visit in Shimla. It is the place where you will find everything snow covered and everything so picturesque. The whole landscape looks super beautiful because there is no infrastructure or anything; it is purely nature all around.


Shimla in Himachal

If you are planning to move out of Shimla a little, then you must visit Chail. Chail is situated at a distance of around 46 km. It will take you nearabout 1.5 hrs to reach Chail. You can hire a taxi or take the local bus from Shimla Bus stand to reach Chail. You will experience more cold, more fog and clouds when you visit Chail.


Narkanda, Shimla

Narkanda is situated at a distance of 64 km from Shimla. It is actually in the way of visiting Spiti and allied places. It takes around 2.5 hrs from Shimla to reach Narkanda. So, if you are ready to spend that much of time you should definitely visit Narkanda. It is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the mountain views. You can go hikin or mountain climbing and can even play some adventure sports there. This place is a great deal, hence it is one of the best places to visit in Shimla and around.

Institute of Advanced studies, Jakoo Temple

Places to visit in Shimla

These are two places in Shimla where you can visit anytime while you are staying in Shimla. Both the places are really beautiful and do deserve some time of your day to be spent here.

To explore these places visually, you can watch the video which takes you to some of these places. Let me know if you have been to these places or if you are planning to visit.


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