Places to visit near Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Kempty Falls Mussoorie

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The best part about travelling is exploring, and as you all know I am an explorer, this time I am on a journey to explore hidden jewels near a popular tourist destination- Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Mussoorie is located in the hills of Uttarakhand and is popularly addressed as the ‘queen of hills’, the place is very beautiful because of its geographical location and the altitude it is situated at.

Sunset Mussorie Mall Raod

To visit Mussoorie, almost all the seasons are good, if you visit in summers, you can enjoy waterfalls and if you choose winters  then you may get lucky to enjoy snowfall. So, here I am listing all the unexplored places situated near Mussoorie. Here goes the list-

Mussoorie Mall Road– Mussoorie Mall Road is something to explore a lot. Mussoorie mall road is very popular among tourists; it has got everything perfect for a vacation. Food, shopping, sightseeing and all, the road stretches 3-5 km, and trust me it is worth walking the whole distance. You can observe breathtaking views, enjoy roadside food and visit a few places. Central Methodist Church is present on the mall road itself, where you can visit to appreciate the architecture and spend some calm time of your own. You can take ropeway from Mall Road to Gun Hill and enjoy yourself there, or you can also indulge in activities like playing roadside games. So, basically it has everything to entertain you during your trip.

Church Mussoorie

Cathedral Church in Mussoorie

Landour- Landour is basically an old market which is located at a comfortable walking distance of 3-4 km from Mussoorie Mall road. The major attraction of the place is that it has got a beautiful view, the sightseeing from this place is worth walking that lane. There is a clock tower situated in the middle of the road where the bell strikes at every hour. If you are staying at Mall road, you can walk upto Landour easily or you can also get a hotel at Landour only, like I did!

Landour Mussoorie

Chaar Dukan– Chaar Dukan is also popularly known as Lal Tibba, which is situated at another 3-4 km from Landour Bazar Road.  The best part about this place is that the walk between Landour and Chaar Dukaan is breathtaking, it is a calm and quite road that leads to the hill top and you can totally enjoy yourself on this journey. At the top you may find shopkeepers or guides who may show you a view around with binoculars, if you are travelling with kids, this is something they will love the most.

Landour Mussoorie

Kempty Fall– Kempty fall is not an unexplored destination near Mussoorie, it is quite popular among tourists, but the catch is that I am going to tell you that Kempty Fall has options of adventure sports also. First of all, Kempty Fall is very beautiful, it is a natural fall which forms its own way from the mountains, and it creates a kind of pond, where people enjoy bathing. You can actually experience drenching in fresh water falling down from the mountains. Secondly, not just the falls, there is a lot more, just behind Kempty Fall when you walk a few meters there is a complete set up of Flying Fox, where you can experience flying. Also, there is a ropeway operating from the main road till the fall, so to make the journey a bit more interesting you can take the ropeway. I am definitely going to write a whole blog on the adventure activities around this area. Moving on to next now…

Kempty Falls Mussoorie  Kempty Fall- Mussoorie

George Everest-I am considering this place as my ‘discovery of the tour’, just kidding! This is actually an unexplored place, about which I am going to write another blog, so stay tuned.

Dhanaulti– Dhanaulti is situated at a distance of 75 km from Mussoorie which is actually not very close, it takes around 2 hours to reach Dhanaulti from Mussoorie. The journey itself is very beautiful as it takes you on an all mountain ride. In Dhanaulti is situated an Eco-Park, where you have to walk in the middle of nature for some time to reach the top. Trust me, the whole walk in that Eco-Park is very beautiful and once your walk ends, you are going to love the view. I recommend visiting here in winters, when you can find snow and if you are visiting in summers then try staying till sunset because that is the most beautiful thing to see there.

Now, I am going to recommend a few places where you should not be spending a lot of time

Bhatta Falls- Bhatta Falls is located at a few km from Mussoorie mall road, or you can say in the way between Dehradun and Mussoorie. It is not a perennial waterfall, you may not find water around the year and even if you do it is not that magnificent that you may appreciate. So, even if you hear a lot about Bhatta Falls from guides, I recommend you not to plan a long time for that place.

Fish Aquarium- Visit this place only if you are with kids. Kids will enjoy this place seeing the fishes and just roaming here and there. If you are a travel enthusiast and appreciate underwater life, this place can be a bit disappointing for you.

Gun Hill- I am not totally rejecting this place, but again, visit only if you are with kids. Gun hill is a good sightseeing point though but the local shops have crowded the place. Kids can enjoy playing games and taking small rides of electronic horses and all, but for adults it can prove to be a serious waste of time.

Here the list ends. I have tried to cover almost all the places to help you plan a great trip to Mussoorie and the surrounding areas. If you have any other suggestion then let me know or if you want me to let you about any place in specific, let me know in the comments below. Happy travelling fellas..!!

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  1. So glad i found this post! We are visiting mussourie later this month and are looking for recommendations 🙂 and things to definitely not do 🙂

  2. Mussoorie has always been there in my bucket list. Thanks for sharing this useful info of mussoorie. Will keep in mind while traveling.

  3. Thanks for sharing a good write up on places to visit in Mussorie. Though I have visited the place couple of times, may be I still need to visit it again to visit the ones I missed visiting 🙂

  4. I leaves satisfied after reading your blog posts. They acquaint me with places that we haven’t even heard of before. Mussoori is one destination that’s on my bucket list but I never knew which places to visit while in Mussoori except of course a must stop at Ruskin Bond sir’s humble abode. But I really wish to visit the place and your post is more of a guide to travel aspirants like me.

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