Plan a unique kind of visit to Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Venus Villa Haripur

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Hey, all of you! Hope you all are doing well. If you are planning to go outstation to any hilly destination this vacation season but don’t want to feel the hustle bustle, then here I am to tell you about my recent getaway. I recently visited Manali in Himachal Pradesh, but wait, it was not actually Manali, and my whole trip was planned in such a manner that it was way farther than the usually crowded places. Let me take you on a journey with me.

I had been planning my trip since past fifteen days, thinking where to go and what all to do, but my major aim was to have a leisure time of my own, away from the city life, so I decided to visit one of most beautiful destinations in India, that is, Kullu-Manali. Now the challenge was to plan a trip to Manali that would be so different than the usual trips. I had already been to Manali for five times so it was a challenge for me this time to create an itinerary for Manali in a manner that I don’t either stay in Manali or Travel in Manali, and I think at the end I succeeded!

Kullu Bus Stand My journey started from Inter-State Bus Terminal in Delhi. The total distance between Delhi and Manali is 540 km and it takes near about 12-14 hours to reach Manali. The travel time can depend on the traffic and the weather conditions, otherwise, it is very convenient to travel to Kullu or Manali from Delhi, as you have plenty of transportation options available here.


In my journey the twist was that I was not actually going to stay in Manali, so I had to reach my destination which was Haripur, situated almost 15-20 km from Manali bus stand, hence I took a bus from Delhi to Kullu and then again changed my bus from Kullu bus stand to head to Haripur. If you are also visiting Haripur, you can also get down at Patlikoul and from there take a bus for Haripur and if you are going by your own transport then there is nothing better than that, you can directly go to Haripur.



Haripur in Manali

When I reached my destination, I was awestruck; it was so beautiful, peaceful, mesmerizing and exotic that you would want to stay there for all the time. I had pre-booked a cottage for myself there ‘The Venus Villa Cottage’ through OYO Rooms, and it was really up to the mark. Despite being located in an offset destination, the place had all the amenities which a traveler would need. So, I was actually successful in getting a place to stay which was away from the tourist crowd in main Manali. Venus Villa Haripur You can book the place here-

Then the journey started to all the offset destinations with the first destination being the trout fish farm (about which I would be writing in an altogether separate blog). The place is located in Haripur only and helps you move a step closer to nature. In Haripur itself, there are so many places to visit. The next one where I went was Dipti Naval Photo Studio, which again is an amazing place to spend some very relaxing time. Trout Fish Farm

My next destination was Somvan which is also located in Haripur, which is the place where a lot of Bollywood movies are shot when they are shot in Manali. Somvan is so beautiful; it is basically a forest area where there are trees and a water stream flowing in the middle of the forest area. You can sit there for a long time and enjoy the view and have a great time.

Haripur, Manali, Himachal Prades

Other destinations from my trip included the Nagar Castle located in the Nagar Village, Kothi, Solang Valley, all of which need a detailed description for themselves, which I would be giving in my other blogs. And trust me these are the unexplored destinations in Manali where there is peace, calm and an interaction with nature. So, after visiting all of these places, I think I could enjoy a different kind of trip, which every traveler would be looking for.

And, if you are planning a trip to hill station such as Manali and want a peaceful time for yourself, try out my way of staying at an offset location such as Haripur and following this way of travel. Stay tuned for other blogs if you want to know about a visit to Manali. Do let me know about your travel plan and where are you planning to stay!

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  1. Manali is on my travel cards after Shimla will definitely visit haripur on my visit here. Thanks for sharing your travel experience will help a lot.

  2. It’s good to hear about your journey across the country side Manali. U said, u stayed in Haripur. My only concern is about its connectivity to main city, other transport, room facility and food. I remember going to Manali and had issues with heating system in our rooms. Choosing a right place to stay is very critical. 😊

  3. Great to know about the beautiful place called Haripur near to Manali. Even I prefer avoiding crowded places and staying and exploring the real beauty. The cottage also looks nice. Will definitely consider this place to stay in, on my next visit to Manali.

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