Shopping in Delhi during festival season | Explore the best markets


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Shopping in Delhi during the festival season is my favourite and here I am in Delhi during the festival season and I am loving it! Delhi vibe has always been so enthralling for me during the festival season, the Durga Puja Pandals, the Ram leela lights, the Dandiya Nights and the best being the Diwali shopping. I cannot keep myself away from any of these.

Being a travel and fashion freak, I have perhaps been to each and every market in Delhi during the festive season for shopping different kind of items.

So, here is a list of places from where you can do shopping in Delhi as much as you want that too with getting trendy stuff for yourself and for your home decor-

Sarojini Nagar Market

Sarojini nagar market in Delhi

Here is the place that you need to explore the most for your Diwali preparation, yes, Sarojini Nagar Market. You will get a lot of options here, from beautiful bedsheets to decorative lamps, everything can be found very easily here. Ofcourse, you can shop clothes from this place as per your choice as the place has numerous options for clothing.m

Pro tips for shopping at Sarojini Nagar- Check everything you are buying. Do not rely on what the vendor is telling you, take your own decision and check out all the things you want to buy.

Delhi Haat (INA or Janakpuri)

Delhi haat- INA

Honestly speaking, Delhi Haat at INA is a bit expensive but trust me visit Janakpuri if you want inexpensive stuff. The quality and the aesthetic is almost similar at both the places but there is a difference in price. So, for buying classy home decor or that cotton kurta you saw at Delhi Haat INA, you can head to Janak Puri and get is all in real affordable prices.

Pro tip for shopping at Delhi Haat– Do no hesitate to bargain. Shopkeepers may appear closed to bargain but actually they are not. So, find your best deal your way!

Rajouri Garden Market

Rajouri Garden Market in Delhi

If you are a lover of classy and trendy design for your clothing and everyday wear, this place is the best for shopping in Delhi. You will get a lot of options here, from western wear to ethnic designs, you will get everything at this place. Not to forget home decor, this place get some amazing home decor items during the festive season.

Pro tip for shopping at Rajouri Garden Market– Set your budget before going to the market and explore options as per that, otherwise you may end up spending a lot.

Kamla Nagar Market

Kamla Nagar in Delhi

Kamla Nagar market is situated near the Delhi University, which is quite popular amongst the students of Delhi University. This place has got it all for shopping in Delhi, from home trendy stylish college to office wear, this place will never leave you disappointed. Basically, shopping in Kamla Nagar is divided into two sections, one being the Bunglow road and the other the Kohlapur road. Bunglow road has got all the branded shopping options whereas at Kolhapur road you will find all the traditional and local stores. You can actually get anything you want at this place by just exploring it with time.

Pro tip for shopping at Kamla Nagar- Shop from both Bunglow road and Kolhapur road. You can find your choice at any place. Do explore bunglow road, it has some cheap yet amazing shopping options available.



For all the edgy home decor and jewellery options, there is this best place for shopping in Delhi which is Janpath. If you are a lover of antique designs and love buying those quirky lampshades or that antique hourglass, the best place to head to is Janpath. Not just antique, if you are looking for latest cushion covers and beautiful coveralls, you will get it all at Janpath. You may also love to explore the junk jewellery options present there because they will surely excite to experiment with your clothing.

Pro tip for shopping at Janpath– There is no need to go till the middle of the lane, you will get all the home-decor and jewellery options at the start itself. And also, don’t miss to check out the main shops, they have some amazing stuff.

If you too love shopping during Diwali, you will heading to one of these places. Let me know which one is your favourite or if you like any other market apart from the ones mentioned here.

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  1. Sarojini Nagar and Janpath markets are my staple markets when I come to Delhi for shopping. While others haven’t explored. Sarojini looks so god with diwali lighting on.

  2. I am making a note if these places. Unfortunately the 2 times I had visited Delhi had been work trips, but this type I will make sure I take time out to explore these places for some retail therapy.

  3. Shopping and Delhi markets are so synonymous and it’s not only about clothes and accessory shopping. Include books in the list too. I envy you Delhi. But a wonderfully crafted post.

  4. These all markets are some of the go-to ones for college students . I used to explore these as well when I was in my 20s. Great for bargains specially janpath and sarojini mkt.

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