Visit Kasol for enjoying mountains differently


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Some places have a different aura that keeps you attached to it. Even when you are present there or not, the feeling of being there keeps lingering in your heart, one such place I recently visited is Kasol!

So, here is all about my journey of visiting Kasol.


To start with, let me tell you Kasol is situated in the Parvati Valley of Himalayas, in Kullu district. It is not a town or a city, it is a simple hamlet in the mountains with basic facilities available, yet it is not at all difficult to reach. You can easily reach the place by your own transport or by taking public transport. A lot of buses from Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana and Punjab go to Kasol, you can book a private travel agency bus or can look out for Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) Buses. I took a private Volvo which I boarded from Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi.

Wall art in Kasol

It takes a total journey of about 12-14 hours to reach Kasol from New Delhi. Trust me, the journey is worth it. Situated in the middle of the mountains, this mini Kasol has an Israeli culture attached to it which is reflected almost everywhere. The cafes littered around the whole area, dim lit and serving Israeli dishes is something to fall in love with. The place has got features which make it totally distinct from other places, there is just one market around which the tourists stay, and the residence is established. The middle of that market is the bus stop also, a place for good food also, vegetable market also and much more. The shops situated in that one market offer tourists a variety of thing, which attracts them, you can get almost everything- from a hat to warm clothes there, so don’t worry if you forget to carry anything with you.

Main market- Kasol

Moving on to the aspect of natural beauty, this mountain destination is super rich in that. Parvati River flows in Parvati Valley and Kasol is situated on the Banks of Parvati River. If you keep hearing the sound of gushing water all the time, then you are at the right place. The river is so close that you can walk to the bank, sit there and enjoy the river almost the whole day. The temperature of Kasol also remains cold almost all the time of the year because of the Parvati River flowing there.

Beautiful Kasol

If you are visiting Kasol for the first time, you are going to fall in love with the place. And if you are worried about your stay, then don’t worry, there are many hotels located there, you can either pre-book your hotel or just knock at the door and ask the availability of the hotel. You can find hotels near Kasol old bridge, which is also a spectacular location to stay.

Old bridge- Kasol

Also, there is a small trek to Chalal, which is quite close to Kasol, which you can take easily in one day when you are in Kasol, I will be writing about that in my next blog.

So, it was all about this beautiful place. Let me know how you like Kasol in the comment section below.


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