Visit to Trout Fish Farm in Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Trout Fish Farm

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Are you planning a trip to Manali? So here I am to tell you about an amazing place to visit. Near about 15-20 km from Manali Mall Road, is located Haripur, where you can reach very easily using any mode of transport, a bus, a cab or an auto, or your private vehicle. In Haripur is situated the Trout Fish Farm, the journey to which I am going to tell you today.

Haripur is basically a village where there is no crowd as such, just a few shops and very few hotels to stay. The place has got a different aura altogether, which takes you a step closer to nature and to everyday village life.

Manali, Himachal

Haripur, Manali, Himachal

One of the amazing places to visit in Haripur is the Trout Fish Farm, which is situated in the middle of Haripur only, the place is located amidst the wilderness on the hills. When you enter the place you would witness a wooden house that looks beautiful, made on a little hilltop is gives you a different aura of staying in the mountains. Once you move down the stairs and enter the fish farm you would spot a few bird species which are so beautiful that you would want to keep looking at them. Also, there are guinea pigs, rabbits and a few other animals which are present. If kids are visiting the place, they are definitely going to enjoy it to the best.

Trout fish farm

Trout fish Farm, Manali, Himachal


Trout Fish Farm Manali, HImachal Pradesh

The place actually does fish farming, so they have created a little water stream inside the area where you can spot trout fishes in the water. There is a bridge also to cross that stream of water. I visited the place in extreme winters so there were no other activities happening at that time but the Trout Fish Farm otherwise promises a few sports activities especially for kids to enjoy.

Trout Fish Farm, Manali, Himachal

Another great thing about the place is that it has got a restaurant and very good sitting arrangement; you can go there and spend some time of your own. The tables are set inside the wilderness that you would love to have the scenic view and enjoy a hot coffee. They have created the space in such a manner that it separates out your zone, so you can sit, have a meal and do anything you like.

Trout Fish Farm


Another great thing about the place is that it is great for photography, it has got everything a photo enthusiast would be looking for, wonderful scenic view, birds and animals and a beautiful setting. I had an amazing time there, interacting with nature and enjoying myself.

Trout fish Farm in Manali

Trout Fish Farm, Manali

If you are also planning to visit Haripur and Trout fish farm do let me know!

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  1. This is such a gorgeous place i have never been there before but now its definitely very high on my bucket list

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