What Motivates You to Travel


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Travel is one such word which when strikes your mind keeps your brain busy in thinking all the time. Should I travel now or later? How much will it cost? Is it a good time to travel? These are a few questions that may keep you occupied for days. But, have you really thought about what motivates you to travel. What is the push you feel to break through the monotonous lifestyle of yours and move into the so alluring world of travelling? If yes, then you should agree with me on the following topics that motivate you to travel and if you don’t agree, then consider these to get motivated and pack your bags right away.

Attraction by Nature

The most important motivation to travel comes from nature itself! The everyday hustle bustle of cities can make anyone a little agitated. The long drawn traffic, the heavy working hours, lack of open spaces, everyday increasing pollution level and most importantly, the lost β€˜me time’,Β  all these contribute their share in making you dull & tired, and eventually you lose that charm of yours. Nature on the hand is always alluring, attracting you towards its charisma, it is that dose which can bring you back to life, you stay away from the city hustle bustle and move to those open spaces where you spend time for your own self, you stay away from the traffic, you walk into the lap of nature, you have all the time to live for yourself only and there you go, you bounce back to the most charming phase of your life and stay happy!


Your hobby love

The second most important aspect of travelling motivation is your hobby. Your hobby is your love, whatever it may be, you love photography or you love cooking or maybe you love to sing or dance or play any instrument, or do anything of your choice. During everyday busy schedule you might not get a chance to practice what you love but you surely get a chance to get on to your hobby during a vacation, so wanting to do what you love can be the biggest motivation for travel, just remind yourself about your hobby and get going!


Break- Free

Most of us live in metropolitan cities where life has its own freedom as well as boundaries, and within those boundaries at times, we may feel stuck up. At that point of time, you would surely want to break-free and live a few days without any schedule or any set plan, so the best part is to travel. A vacation does not always come with an itinerary, it is totally your plan, and you are the master to choose what you want to do. You can do anything, go anywhere, wear what you want and can eat whatever you feel life, also you can do nothing and just take a break. So, in short, you break-free from your burdensome daily schedule and be your own master for a few days!

break free


The best part about travelling is definitely the relaxation you get. Many of us choose our destinations where we can have the calmest and peaceful environments just to relax and enjoy the vacation. The icing on the cake is the various options existing almost everywhere such as spa, meditation, Yoga, aesthetic walk and many more that provide you with a bouquet of activities to indulge in, if you are specifically looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating tour. Trust me, this helps a lot, you will feel refresh while returning to your daily schedules.

Apart from the above-mentioned motivations, there are a lot more that can keep you motivated to travel every now and then, just let remind yourself that you need some me-time and then, half the vacation is already planned!

Do let me know, apart from these, what motivates you to travel?

Because to travel is to unravel!

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