Do you know where is Naggar, in Himachal Pradesh?

Naggar, Himachal Pradesh

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Hey guys, it is time for me to tell you about an amazing destination in Himachal Pradesh which is a must visit- Naggar! You might be wondering where Naggar is, it is 24 km from Kullu, where you can easily reach by bus, taxi or your own private vehicle. The place is a rustic destination much like McLeodganj or Kasol but a bit more quiet and calm. Let me tell you a little about this place now.


Naggar- close to mountains

Location- Naggar, located in Himachal Pradesh is a village with an amazing view of the mountains. The mountain appears so close to you that you would want to love being there only. For me, the lucky part was that I visited on a cold cloudy day when the breeze was at its best. So, the view turned to be even dreamier for me. There is no rush at the place, you can easily roam around on the roads and take walks in the mountains and stay all surrounded by beautiful views.


Naggar view

Stay- The incredible thing about Naggar is that it has a lot of options for homestays and small resorts. The homestays are located on the hills where you can spend your time living like a local. Those homestays are so beautiful that waking up there is like a dream coming true. The resorts also have open spaces in front of them, for tourists to take a break from day to day monotonous life.

homestays in naggar

Popular attractions- Naggar is popular for Naggar Castle, which is its main attraction. The Castle is situated in front of the hills which make it look even more beautiful. The whole castle is so big that you can spend a lot of time there enjoying every bit of it. The next attraction of Naggar is International Roerich Memorial Trust which is situated uphill, moving farther from the Naggar Castle. The place is so picturesque that you can get a lot of beautiful images there. Even the journey to the place is so beautiful. There are few other options to visit also like Cultural exhibition centre, memorial art exhibition and Himalayan fort art exhibition where you can spend some good time.

places to visit in naggar

Food- You can get a variety of food options there. The Naggar Castle itself has a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals with a special dish as trout fish, which is very popular among the visitors. You can also get food at food stalls or small cafes which can be a solution to your hunger. There are also a few bakeries located where you can get delicious desserts that too all homemade, isn’t this amazing!

food in naggar Cafes in Naggar

So, overall Naggar is very beautiful and an amazing place to enjoy. I enjoyed spending a relaxed time at Naggar I would love to visit the place again. So, the next time you are thinking of planning a relaxed vacation, try visiting Naggar, and if you have any suggestions, do write in the comments section below.

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  1. Himachal is such a lovely place to visit specially those small towns which are hidden from tourists. Beautiful post!!

    IG: @ms_tantrum

  2. I had seen your Instagram post and fell in love with this place. So if I have to visit this place I will have to alight at Kullu and then take a bus right? But this is so beautiful that I wanna visit soon. Which is a good month to visit this place?

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