Why should you visit Daman this holiday season

Nani Daman Fort View

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When you travel a place on foot, you travel into the heart of a place! This is what I did during my recent visit to Daman. It is a Union Territory in India, part of the Daman and Diu territories. Facing the Arabian Sea, the union territory is a small town which has got everything to please a traveller. Daman was ruled by the Portuguese till 1961. The Portuguese influence is substantially visible in the architecture, the language and the culture.

Nani Daman Fort View

I visited Daman in the monsoon season, when the rains were on its peak. The already beautiful place appeared even more magical to me, reflecting its beauty through the rain drops. Visiting this place is very easy and convenient, you can take a bus easily from Mumbai which will take you to Vapi, which falls under the Gujarat state. From Vapi, a number of autos are available which can take you to Daman within 45 minutes.

places to visit in Daman

When I reached Daman after finishing my bus and auto journey I was not at all a tourist. I loved the weather, the rain and the cold breeze. During my research I had discovered that the city has two parts of the city, ‘Nani Daman’ and ‘Moti Daman’. Nani Daman is popularly called as ‘Chhota Daman’ and ‘Moti Daman’ as ‘Bada Daman’. Nani Daman has a number of options for tourists as most of the hotels of the city are situated there in front of the Devaka beach. So, I decided to stay there, at one of the sea facing hotels which could fit my pocket.

Beautyful Daman

While I was walking on the streets of Daman, it was continuously raining. I was enjoying the breeze and the rains were damping my hair. After spending one day exploring the streets of this place, the next day I decided to visit Devka Beach. The beach though was not in its best appearance, yet I loved the cool atmosphere. There are small shacks on the beach where vendors sell food. You can sit back at the beach, enjoy the view and take pleasure in eating and drinking. About drinking, I will explain more in my next blog. 

After visiting the beach, I headed to the Nani Daman Fort. St. Jerome Fort, popularly known as Nani Daman Fort is a beautiful structure which was built during the Portuguese rule in Daman. It is a cool and calm structure, from where you can get a great view of the Arabian Sea and the entire Daman. I spend my day enjoying the Fort and observing the sea and then headed back to the streets. While walking I stopped by Monginis bakery to grab some pastries, donuts and choco-lava cake, which was hell amazing.

Nani Daman Fort

Nani Daman Fort View

The very next day I visited the Jampore Beach. That day, it was raining heavily and the wind speed was also substantially high. And in that weather, I visited the Jampore Beach and trust me it looked beautiful. Half of the shacks present on the beach were already submerged in the sea and the rest were observing the water. In that weather condition, I had great fun at the Jampore Beach. I was able to see the water coming to me and the moving inside the shack I was sitting in. I loved the entire area and everything about that place.

Jampore Beach in Daman

If you also love exploring places, you would love this mesmerizing place too. The Portuguese influence, the culture, the architecture, everything is so amazing. The city actually speaks for itself and it tells every story about it.

So, this was my journey of visiting this offbeat destination, stay tuned to this space for more exciting stories from Daman. And if you feel here is something I missed, do let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Such beautiful pictures. I relived my memories via your post. It’s always good to document travel so we can relive and cherish those memories forever.

  2. Daman is on my bucket list of West India and we have planned next year to explore Mumbai Gujarat and nearby areas. Will be definitely visiting Daman and look out for places you mentioned.

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