Winter Lookbook- styles to try this winter season

leather jacket

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Winters are my favourite time of the year and I love travelling around and dressing up in the cold weather. And who does not like styling up in winters? So, before the end of this winter season, I am bringing to you my winter lookbook with a few simple styles that you can try wearing this season. If you have any other idea or you like to add your styling tip to this list, do comment below I would love to incorporate it into my lookbook the next time.

  1. Try a poncho this time- a poncho is clothing that is worn from the head, it does not have sleeves or a neckline, and it is simply worn from the head. It is very comfortable to wear a poncho in winters, it is extremely comfortable, easy to wear and hassle-free clothing. Just get it in pure wool; you would be protected from cold also. This one I got from Mall road of Manali, Himachal, and it is made of wool that keeps me warm even cold weather also. It is the same as traditional ponchos, what I have done is twisted it a little to give it a square shape while wearing and that’s it!

    Poncho, Manali, Himachal

  2. Try a cowl neck sweater- cowl neck is so much in trend nowadays. The biggest point is that it is very comfortable to wear plus it provides warmth to your neck. You can easily get it in any market near you. I picked up a plain white cowl neck sweater because I love wearing basic colours. You can experiment with different colours, styles, prints and a lot more.

    cowl neck

  3. Style your leather jacket- I have already mentioned in my blog of winter must-haves, that leather jackets are winter essentials, they look stylish, classy, edgy and what not! Side zipper leather jackets are so much in trend nowadays, they look very stylish and yes, different from the usual leather jacket look. It’s just how you want to style up yours.

    side zipper leather jacket

  4. Make shrugs your best friends- Shrugs took over the market this winter season, different colours, styles, pattern and fabrics, shrugs are available in so many different forms that you would not have any problem choosing the one that suits you the best. You can also style your shrug in any way you like, tie a belt around, keep it loose, wear with a skirt, there are so many options. I styled this one with my all-black outfit and it was super comfy to wear.


  5. Military print- as I mentioned about this in one of my previous blogs, winter must-haves, the military print is rocking this season. Don’t you have it till now? Military print can be worn in any way, in form of a t-shirt, a jacket, pants or anything. I decided to wear my military print t-shirt on my recent trip and it was apt for my travel plan.

    military print-good hair

  6. Try a sweater dress- sweater dresses are a must this winter season. They look trendy, stylish and at the same time give you a glamorized look. You can pair a sweater dress with an overcoat, shrug or anything, and you can wear stockings underneath. Just do your hair well, wear a sweater dress and you are good to go.

    sweater dress

So, if you have missed on any clothing item out of these for this winter season, do try it now before winters end. And if you have any more ideas, write it in comments below.

Have a good time styling your clothes.

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  1. These outfits look pretty cool. I also love the location in which they were taken. Ideally people would love to see winter extend or else move to a cooler place πŸ™‚

  2. My favourite winter companion is leather jacket. Would love to try shrugs also. Thanks for sharing so many options to flaunt this winter season

  3. Every outfit looks totally ravishing and beautiful on you…These are some great winter styles and great tips to dress up this winter season..Thanks for sharing

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